Shabnam’s son Mohammad Taj appeals to President to save her from hanging, Pardon my mother’s crime

Amroha murder case convict shabnam’s son Mohammad Taj appeals to President

Bulandshahr : Mohammad Taj, son of Shabnam, first woman of Independent India who is likely to be hanged in the Bawankhedi incident of Amroha in the state, has apologized for saving the mother’s life. After rejecting the mercy petition from the President, Shabnam’s 12-year-old son Taj has said that President Uncle ji should forgive my mother. It is to be known that on the night of 14 April 2008, Shabnam along with her lover Salim killed seven people of her family. She was two months pregnant at the time of the incident. Shabnam gave birth to Taj in prison. Shabnam’s friend Usman Saifi adopted the Taj।

Wow Taj is 12 years old. When Taj listens to his mother’s execution, he has appealed to the President for forgiveness. Growing up under the patronage of Osman Saifee, who lives in Sushil Vihar Colony near Bhood Charahe in Bulandshahr, Taj is feeling the sins of his mother. Usman said that the Taj has demanded the President to forgive mother Shabnam. Usman said that Shabnam, who has been sentenced to death, is currently lodged in Rampur Jail. On January 21, he met Taj with Shabnam. Shabnam also gave toffees and rupees to Taj।

Family members want to hang Shabnam soon

Family members have also become active amidst preparations to hang Shabnam. The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of Shabnam and her lover Salim, who killed 7 members of their family. The President also rejected the mercy petition of Shabnam and Salim. After this decision, there is a happy atmosphere in the entire village including Shabnam’s uncle and aunt. Shabnam’s aunt says that we need blood instead of blood and it should be hanged soon. Aunt said that at that time if we too were in the house, we would have killed him too. We arrived here at midnight after the incident. Shabnam’s aunt said that the petition was rejected, we are very happy. The punishment for the crime should be hanging it।

Will the dead bodies be taken after being hanged? In response to this question, the aunt said that why would we take? We will not take it. What shall we do with the corpse of such a girl The uncle said that we were not here at that time. Reached the spot after two o’clock in the night. All were severed. What Shabnam has done is to be filled. He said that had there been another country, it would have been executed much earlier. He has demanded that he be hanged soon।

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