12 kids given sanitizer instead of polio drops in Yavatmal, 3 nurses suspended

12 kids given sanitiser instead of polio drops-

Mumbai : A shocking incident has taken place in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district. The lives of 12 innocent children are at stake here due to the negligence of health workers. Health care workers have given oral drops of sanitizers to children instead of polio drops. The incident happened on Sunday.

According to reports, the polio campaign was underway at Ghatanji’s Kapsi-Kopari village Primary Health Center last Sunday. At this point, 12 children were given oral drops of sanitizers. Then at night the children cramps and started vomiting. Even their health was deteriorating. later they were admitted to the hospital.

The father of one of the victims said the baby vomited after taking polio drops. The news was given to health workers. They admitted that they giving sanitizers to childrens mistakenly.

According to riports, the district health authoritie A CHO, an Anganwadi worker and an Asha worker have been suspended after a preliminary investigation, according to information received so far. The investigation is ongoing. The health of the hospitalized child appears to be stable now।

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