Dog tied to the car and dragged for several kilometers on road, driver arrested

Kerala: Dog tied to the car and dragged

In Ernakulam, Kerala, a case of dragging a dog into a car for several kilometers has been reported। The video of the incident is becoming quite viral on social media, after which the 62-year-old accused was arrested। Police have started investigation।

According to the police, the car is owned by Joseph and he was the one driving the car। A police officer of the Chengmond police station said that Yusuf wanted to take the dog away from his area, as it made a lot of noise around his house. In such a situation, he tied the dog to the car and tried to leave the other area।

This kind of incident took place, According to the police, Yusuf tied the dog to the car and dragged him for several kilometers। During this, someone made a video of the incident and uploaded it on social media, after which the information of the case reached the police।

It is being told that the incident occurred on December 11 at around 11 am. During that time a bike rider named Akhil made a video of this incident. He was returning home from the hospital। Akhil told the police that at first, he felt the dog chasing the car, but after reaching near it found that he had been tied to the car।

The police located the accused Yusuf based on the registration number of the car shown in the video and arrested him। However, he is granted bail. Police have started an investigation into this matter। Also, other people of the area are also being questioned।

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