Earn lakhs of rupees in just three months by TULASI farming, know how to start

How TULASI farming can make you rich?

TULASI farming :- Through the cultivation of Tulsi or tulasi farming, any person can realize the dream of becoming a millionaire. Yes, any person can indeed earn a considerable amount by starting the cultivation of Tulsi at a very low cost. Lakhs of rupees can be earned from the business of cultivating Tulsi. In today’s time, everyone wants to earn good money and for that, someone wants to start a business but due to lack of capital, he is unable to start. In this report today, we will tell you how you can earn big money through basil cultivation।

Start with the cultivation of medicinal plants

Nowadays, there is increasing attraction among people towards Ayurvedic and Natural medicines and this is the reason that their demand is also increasing significantly. Their demand is increasing day by day. Talking about the present time, their market has also grown considerably. In such a situation, if you start the business of cultivating medicinal plants, then it can prove very beneficial for you. You do not need to spend a lot of money to start this business. Also, for this, you need long-term farming. You can also start this business through contract farming।

No more fields are needed for herbal business

Experts believe that most medicinal plants such as Tulsi, Artemisia annua, Mullaithi, Aloe vera, etc. are prepared in a short time. Some of these plants can also be grown in small pots. According to experts, the starting amount of a few thousand rupees is sufficient to start the cultivation of the herbal plant. It is important to note that there are many types of Tulsi and from this, medicines for serious diseases like cancer are made।

Cost of cultivation of basil

Experts say that the cost of basil in 1 hectare is very low. You only need to spend 15,000 rupees for its cultivation. After 3 months of sowing, the basil crop is sold for an average of 3 lakh rupees. Many Ayurvedic companies present in the market such as Dabur, Vaidyanath, Patanjali, etc. are also cultivating Tulsi contracts।

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