Hanuman coins, Rs 1.5 lakh cash, other incriminating items were seized and 7 Arrested

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Hanuman Coin Racket 7 Arrested, Cash Seized by Bada Bazar police-

Berhampur: The Berhampur Bada Bazar police have failed to sell antique Hanuman coins and lime customers to Rs 2 crore. Police have arrested seven suspects in connection with An illegal dealing।

All 3 copper Hanuman coins and worth Rs 1.5 lakh in cash, two motorcycles, a magnet, spirit, and other items were seized from them. The mastermind of the incident, Surya Narayan Patra, has returned, police said. All the accused were arrested and arraigned on Tuesday।

Among the arrested, accused are Pradhan Mohapatra (41), Anil Kusum (34), Suresh Meher (31), Akshay Kumar Patra (36), Jayant Pradhan (21), Bijay Kumar Bag (40), and Jayaram Patra (34) ।

Three Hanuman coins, Rs 1.5 lakh, two bikes, magnets, spirits, and other illegal devices were seized from the accused. The scam took place at the Shanti Nagar, Berhampur।

Big Bazaar police have registered a case and investigating. The above accused had come together at Surya Patra’s house in Shanti Nagar for a Rs 2 crore deal. They were waiting for customers there। The aim was to extort Rs 2 crore from customers to sell the antique Hanuman coins when police raided and after that All, the accused have been arraigned।

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