Inviting more than 50 people to the wedding without following the COVID 19 guideline, now including the bride and groom, 43 are positive.

Kasaragod: 43 guests who attended a wedding party in Chengala Panchayat in Kerala’s Kasaragod district has identified COVID 19 positive. Even brides and grooms have come up with a corona test positive.

According to District Magistrate Sajit Babu, the wedding was held in Chengala Panchayat on the 27th of June. A few days after the wedding, both the bride and groom were positively identified. More than 50 people attended the party. They were identified and tested.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So it is suspected that it spread after any infected family attended the wedding. Other people have been contacted after a positive test.

However, the district administration has fined the groom Rs 10,000 on charges of violating the law. Also, people are advised not to attend any crowded places.

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