Cuttack’s street & slum area infection on the rise: 93 COVID 19 positive cases from the city in one day.

Cuttack: The number of Corona victims has been on the rise for three days in Cuttack. Efforts are underway on the part of the administration to control the situation as the infection from slum areas on the rise. Today, 93 cases have been reported from Cuttack, while 28 cases have been reported in Niali, Cuttack district. Today, the total number of victims in Cuttack district has risen to 128. Adding to today’s figure, the total number of victims in Cuttack has risen to 579, while the total number of victims in the district has risen to 1,559. So far, four people have lost their lives in the district.

The most worrying cause for Cuttack is the infection in the slum area. Infections in Manikghosh Bazaar, Puruna Raispatna, Khatbin Sahi, Shankarpur Parida Sahi, and Dagarpada Bania Sahi and Basuli Sahi are in dire straits today. 24 people have been identified in Dagarpada Bania Sahi today, while 22 have been identified in Basuli Sahi. Another from a private nursing home in Ranihat, Cuttack, 6 from Dolamundai, 5 from CDA Sector-4, one from Sector 6, two from Odiabazar, 3 from Puranarauspatna Balisahee, 7 from Shankarpur Das Sahi, 3 from Jagatpur. One person has been identified from Bidanasi, Hasinabagh Chasasahi, Baurisahi, Chandi Chhak Christianansahi, Kaligali, Chandini Chowk, Bose Hostel, Bajrakbati Road.

Three members of a family have been identified from the Mangalagada ward 48 of Jagatpur IB Road. Among them are father, daughter, and son-in-law. A man in quarantine has also been infected at a hotel in Badambadi. On the other hand, 28 people from Niali in the district, 3 from Nishchintkoili, 2 from Banki, and 2 from Badamba were infected.

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