Modi’s new mantra during the Corona crisis: This awesome message was given to the youth

New Delhi: As the world fights with the Corona crisis, India’s progressive youth can pave the way for a healthier and more prosperous future. The measles virus has changed the way people live. Addressing a gathering of professional youth at Linked-in on Sunday, the Prime Minister said the house has now become a new office due to the corona crisis.

Prime Minister said, “The internet has turned into a meeting room”. And the office has a history of having fun with co-workers. The beginning of the third decade of the current century has reversed the situation, and the lifestyle of the coronavirus professional has changed dramatically.

Not only that, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is taking on the changed situation. He said he was also holding a video conference with the Union Minister. The Prime Minister said he was working on the phone with various sections of the society.

Central government report :

The central government has released a new report on Corona. The most reassuring news is that not a single case has been reported in 43 districts in 30 states in the last 18 days. According to the Union Ministry of Health, 136 people have been healed in the past 24 hours. A total of 2,230 infected people have been cured in India.

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