Kidney stone early symptoms & reason behind back pain

Kidney stone early symptoms: The kidneys are an important part of the body. Kidneys that keep all the functions of the body in balance. The kidneys work on more than 400 parts of our body. It is the kidneys that work to balance the body. The most important function of the kidneys is to remove toxins from the body and make new blood.

Nowadays, people prefer to eat fast food. But you can definitely find out how fast this food is harmful to the body now or not. “It simply came to our notice then. Nowadays everyone is in a hurry and neglecting their health.

So no one is aware that your negligence will harm the body. If you do not pay attention to the proper functioning of the kidneys, the kidneys will be completely damaged.

Junk Food kidney effects

3 major reason for kidney stone early symptoms:

Junk food: Junk food is very harmful to health. The variety of junk food available from the market is enough to make your liver worse.

Eating more meat: People like to eat more meat these days. There are more non-vegetarians in India than vegetarians. But if you are eating more meat than it can be very harmful to your body.

Smoking: Most people also love to smoke. But smoking can be very harmful to the body, which can lead to kidney failure.

So, the important thing is wrong eating and drinking less water is an important reason for kidney stones. These stones are removed from the body through urine. In many people, stones are formed and leave without too much trouble, but if the stones become large, they obstruct the ureters.

In this condition, there is unbearable pain around the foreskin. To avoid this problem, it is most important to recognize these signs and treat them in time.

So let’s know Kidney stone early symptoms:

Kidney stones can cause severe pain in the back or lower abdomen, which can last for a few minutes or hours. There may also be complaints of nausea and vomiting along with pain.

If there is an infection in any part of the urinary system, its symptoms may include fever, shivering, sweating, urination as well as pain, etc. Blood may also come in the urine. Let us know in detail the signs.

Some main reasons for Kidney stone early symptoms mentioned below.

Kidney problems symptoms back pain

Severe pain is a common problem of people suffering from kidney stones, especially in the waist and lower back. The pain may go from the lower abdomen to the middle part of the abdomen and thigh. This pain lasts for a few minutes or hours, and it can be relaxed in between.

Blood in urine:

The urine of people suffering from kidney stone often starts to turn pink, c and the urethra is blocked due to the growth of stone, the urine of people with kidney stones may have tinges of blood.

Stinky urine:

Urine appears frizzy and smelly, with urine-colored spoilage in the kidney. Hard chemicals are present in such urine which form crystals in the body.

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Recurrent urination:

People that time suffering from kidney stones or painful urination. This happens when the kidney stones move from the urethra to the bladder. It is very painful and often causes urinary tract infection.

Trouble sitting:

When the kidney stone grows, the body starts to pressure, which makes the patient have trouble sitting. Even he becomes unable to lie down in a comfortable position. This is the reason why many people suffering from kidney stone often stand up.

Nausea and vomiting:

Feeling stomach upset and nausea is one of the earliest signs of kidney stone and may also result in vomiting. The vomiting comes for two reasons, first due to the transfer of stone and second kidneys help to exclude the body’s toxic and when blocked due to the stone, vomiting is the only way to get these toxins out of the body. is.

Kidney and stomach swelling:

Large stones block the urine flow then causes painful inflammation in the kidney. The kidneys are located on both sides of the body near the diaphragm and you may feel swollen around the abdomen and groin when you have stones.

Fever and feeling cold:

Kidney stone patients often have a high fever and chills. This increases the likelihood of infection (or UTI) en route to urine. In this stage, the patient should see a doctor immediately.

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