I was emotional, I just danced without a mask for two minutes to cheer the guests: MP Aparajita at the press conference.

Bhubaneswar: MP Aparajita Sandangi has been accused of violating the COVID rule on her birthday. His office was sealed today by the BMC. MP Aparajita Sadangi held a press conference in front of the sealed office. “I was emotionally involved with the woman,” she said. I danced for just a two-minute without a mask to cheer on the guests. I was in the crowd for 2 minutes to celebrate my birthday. I did that because of the circumstances. “I did not violate any of the COVID rules,” Aparajita said. It was so crowded that I couldn’t tell others to wear masks or keep a social distance. With the blessings of the people, he has become an MP. Working for the people, getting the support of the people.

Aparajita showed photos of COVID violating the law. The MP targeted the BJD by showing 14 photos. He said he would inform the chief minister about the clips in the photos and footage shown by Aparajita.

Aparajita has questioned when the BJD will be sealed due to the strong crowd at the party office on the day of the death of BJD leader Pradeep Maharathi. To this end, she has shown photos of the crowd from the BJD office to Swargadwar. Aparajita demanded the same rule for all.

“Development is her agenda,” Aparajita said. The development will be slow within the COVID rule. Aparajita said the development work would not stop even if his office was sealed. The state cannot be ruled for six months. “His office has been aggressively sealed,” she said. Such efforts are being made to disrupt the development process. Aparajita said the work would continue on the road.

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