President Ram Nath Kovind receives the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at Delhi’s RR Army Hospital

President Ram Nath Kovind receives first dose of COVID-19 vaccine-

The second phase of vaccination has started in the country from March 1। Today, President Ramnath Kovind has also got the first dose of covid vaccine। The President went to the RR Army Hospital in Delhi and got the first corona vaccine administered। He went to the RR Army Hospital with his daughter. Information was given by tweeting the Corona vaccine by the President. During this period, the President thanked the doctors, nurses, and other administration officials involved in the process of vaccination।

He wrote that because of these people, the biggest vaccination campaign in history is being completed. Along with this, the President has appealed to all people to get the vaccine।

Let us know that under the second phase vaccination, patients above the age of 45 years are being vaccinated with senior citizens with severe disease. At the beginning of the second phase, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got the corona vaccine on Monday।

Since PM Modi, many central leaders have taken the corona vaccine till now. BJP leaders took the vaccine dose by giving 250 rupees. In this way, they want to send a message to the public that those who can give the vaccine money। They should pay the price so that other people can get the benefit।

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