Sonu Sood came forward to help again: Seeing the tears of the aboriginal young woman, he said…

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has won the hearts of millions of Indians by helping thousands of migrant workers move to their homes during the lockdown imposed due to the corona pandemic. Sonu has helped and continues to do so not only for migrant workers but also for many needy people He has also helped people in times of natural disasters.

Now Sonu has wiped away the tears of a tribal girl from Chhattisgarh. Sonu Sood has come forward to help tribal student Anjali Kudiam, who lives in Komala, a small village in the Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh. Anjali’s village was flooded on the night of August 15-18 He and his family took refuge in Dhakadpara, 5 km from the village, late at night at the risk of their lives.

Anjali fled to safety with her father, Jeremy, Pucci, and brother due to the floods caused by the rains. But when he returned to the village after the water subsided, he cried when he saw the condition of his house was completely destroyed in the floodwaters. All his books were destroyed A man present there captured the scene on his mobile. He later shared it on social media. The video was somehow retweeted and reached out to Sonu Sood. But within hours the video had reached Sonu Sonu’s team then contacted the person who shared the video. From there all the information about Anjali was found Sonu Sood then posted a video of Anjali from her Twitter account promising to help her read her text.

Anjali, who lives in Komala village, has passed her twelfth year at a government school and is now preparing for the competitive exams. His brother also attends a government school. His father is a farmer. The family feeds on 5 acres of land More than half of the crops were destroyed in the floodwaters. Anjali’s dream was also shattered But for Sonu Sood, his future seems to be improving.

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