The CBI interrogated Riya for 10 hours, asking important questions…

The CBI on Friday interrogated Rhea for 10 hours in connection with the Sushant Singh’s suicide case. The CBI on Friday summoned Riya for questioning. She could also be called for questioning in the future.

The CBI today questioned actress Rhea Chakraborty in connection with the untimely suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Seven days have passed since the CBI in Mumbai to investigate the case and today is the eighth day of the investigation.

Investigators have so far questioned key figures linked to Sushant. Today, for the first time, the CBI interrogated Riya. According to sources, the CBI has asked Rhea Chakraborty 10 questions. Sushant’s fans, on the other hand, are constantly pressuring the agency to demand Riya’s arrest.

During the interrogation, the CBI reportedly asked Rhea a number of questions. According to media reports, the CBI had raised a number of questions for Rhea’s interrogation.

Rhea was asked when she met Sushant, where she went, when they both went on a European trip, whether there were any family members on the trip. Even when Rhea came to her new apartment, whether she was going to party with Sushant or not, the CBI has been questioning her relationship with her family.

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