Centre Announced All Persons Above 45 Years Can Get Vaccinated From 1st April

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From April 1, people over the age of 45 will be vaccinated.

The federal government has announced a major vaccination against measles. From April 1, all people over the age of 45 will be vaccinated in the country. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar announced this today and asked eligible beneficiaries to register for vaccination।

Vaccination of people over the age of 45 and those over the age of 45 with multiple serious physical problems is currently underway. But the rule has not been in effect since April 1. Everyone over the age of 45 will be eligible for the corona vaccine. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said the decision was taken by the Union Cabinet on the advice of the Corona Virus Task Force and experts।

According to the Union Minister, 4.85 crore people have already taken the first dose of the Covid vaccine while 80 lakh people have already taken the second dose. There is a large amount of corona vaccine available. Register for vaccinations।

The government has taken such a decision as corona infection is on the rise. The government has decided to vaccinate people over the age of 45 with the aim of reducing the risk of infection by vaccination. As before, those who get vaccinated at a government vaccination center do not have to pay anything. However, if you are vaccinated at a home vaccination center, you will have to pay Rs 250।

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