CM Nitish’s big decision, said- If someone close to you messes up in the liquor case, do it directly inside

CM Nitish’s big decision, on liquor case-

In Bihar, there has been an uproar over the ban of alcoholism for the past few days and Chief Minister Nitish, who has come under attack from the opposition as well as the supporters of the ruling party, said that if any person close to someone messes about alcohol, then he is directly in Please do it. Alcohol is a major cause of diseases and death. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said these things as the chief guest in the ceremonial parade held at BMP5 on the occasion of Police Week।

He said that serious action is being taken against those who play with prohibition. Said that from April 2016 to January 2021 there 255111 cases have been registered।

He said that action is also being taken against those who indulge in alcoholism. Departmental proceedings against 619 personnel of police and prohibition of alcohol, FIR on 348 and 186 personnel were dismissed. 60 police officers have been deprived of becoming SHO. Said that I have no selfish interest in prohibition, I am not going to leave it in the interest of the people।

Some people consider themselves very knowledgeable but writing is a mess. The Chief Minister said that 90% of the people are good, only 10% live from here to there. On the Sitamarhi incident, he said that when the police arrived, the occupants opened fire. Always send the police to the team, don’t go too far. Bapu’s thoughts will remain alive as long as the earth is there।

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