Dubai is gearing up for the IPL: the stadium is shining in the light; The much-anticipated IPL will start on the 19th

The IPL is approaching. As the day draws to a close for the much-awaited IPL, cricket fans are on the rise. Meanwhile, preparations are underway in the UAE. Dubai is gearing up for the IPL. The stadium of Dubai and Abu Dhabi shines in colorful garlands.

A total of 56 matchåes will be played in the IPL this year in the UAE. Of these, 24 matches will be played in Dubai and 20 matches will be played in Abu Dhabi. 12 league matches will be played at Sharjah Stadium. BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, on the other hand, recently visited the Sharjah Stadium. There he inspected the stadium. However, the ongoing IPL match is said to be favorable for the players in these 3 stadiums.

The IPL is being held in the UAE this year for Covid-19. The Indian government has instructed the BCCI to abide by all of Covid’s rules. That is why the BCCI is organizing the IPL by complying with all the COVID rules.

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