China upset over the meeting of the quad countries, said- it will be finished without any consequence

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It will be finished without any consequence after meeting of the quad countries, China

China is stunned by the recent meeting of the quad countries. Beijing has stated the meeting of this group with a membership of four countries. He says that if the Quad does not end its antagonistic bias and cold war mentality, it will end without reaching an end and will not get any support. China termed the Quad or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue as an ideology-based faction, terming it “harmful to the international system”. India, America, Australia, and Japan revived the quad and on Friday, senior leaders held an online summit।

The summit was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Joe Biden, Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga, and Australia’s counterpart Scott Morrison. The leaders of the ‘Quad’ group, which has a membership of four countries, reiterated that they are trying to ensure that this region while giving a clear message to China trying to dominate the Indo-Pacific region. It should be accessible to all and it should be governed according to the basic principles and international laws such as freedom of navigation and peaceful resolution of disputes।

China also objected to US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s remarks. Sullivan had said that the four leaders discussed at the summit of the challenge presented by China and that the four-member security group believed that four democracies can defeat ‘autocracy’. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that China’s fears are exaggerated. Zhao said that for some time, some countries have been exaggerating the so-called China threat, (or) calling on China to launch a campaign to resolve differences between regional countries with their relationship with China. Are challenging।

The spokesman said that ‘what they have done is against the trend of the time, which is peace, development and win-win cooperation and opposes the common aspirations of the people of the region’. Taking a dig at the quad, the spokesperson said, “They will not gain any support and will end up without reaching anywhere.” Zhao said that state-to-state exchange and cooperation should be favorable for improving mutual understanding and trust between countries and should not be targeted against the interests of third parties।

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