Now politics in lockdown: Rahul said- The lockdown in the country is ineffective and…

Rahul Gandhi said the lockdown in the country was completely ineffective. “The lockdown has failed,” Rahul told a news conference. The prime minister said he will defeat Corona in 21 days but he has not been able to defeat Coronavirus after 60 days.

“As the number of cases of Corona disease in the country continues to rise, and the lockdown has failed in the country. Rahul told the media that Modi has called for a four-phase lockdown in the country, but to no avail. Rahul now questions what the government is thinking about the country.

“Prime Minister Modi should answer what he is doing for the poor, for the farmers,” he said. The Congress leader said the government should accept the truth, as it said everything would be fine in 21 days, but nothing has changed in 60 days. The central government has to come forward and talk to the country about the strategy.

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