Rajasthan Assembly Session Sitting Today: Congress Bring Faith Proposal: The BJP will bring a no-confidence motion and…

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In Rajasthan politics, the clock is ticking. Ashok Gehlot, who had previously disagreed with the motion of no confidence, has now changed his mind. In the Rajasthan Assembly session today, the Congress said it would bring a motion of no confidence. The congressional hearing about that was exactly where the congressional hearing about that was coming from.

The meeting was attended by Sachin Pilot and other legislators who had declared rebellion. It is learned from the meeting that Sachin Pilot will work with Gehlot again. Meanwhile, the BJP has met Governor Kalraj Mishra. Today, the BJP said it would bring a no-confidence motion against the Gehlot government. At a meeting of the Legislative Assembly, Gehlot decided to bring his proposal of faith first.

“Everyone needs to forget what happened in the past,” said Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. They have to prove the majority. Previously, 18 legislators would have had to prove their majority by excluding. But that would not be a happy moment. If any legislator has any complaints, it will definitely be resolved. Gehlot said he could meet and discuss in person.

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