West Bengal Election 2021: PM Modi cancels Bengal tour, will hold a virtual rally

West Bengal Election 2021, PM Modi cancels Bengal tour

In the West Bengal elections, PM Narendra Modi and Mamta Banerjee will no longer be seen in rallies. Both have decided to conduct the last two rounds of election campaign through virtual means. Earlier, the Election Commission implemented restrictions on publicity due to the increasing cases of Corona. The Election Commission has banned roadshows, street corner meetings, motorcycle rally, etc. in the last two rounds. Apart from this, following the rules of social distancing in public meetings, only 500 people have been allowed to mobilize. However, even before the order was issued by the Election Commission, PM Narendra Modi has canceled 4 rallies, which he was to address on Friday.

PM Narendra Modi had given information about this by tweeting on Thursday itself. He wrote, ‘Tomorrow I will be attending a high-level meeting to review the situation arising out of Corona. Because of this, I am not going to West Bengal. ‘ It was believed that PM Narendra Modi could address the rally at the Shaheed Meenar Ground in Kolkata. After this, now Bengal’s Mamta Banerjee has also taken a similar decision. She has said that she will not hold rallies and connect with the virtual people, following the Election Commission. Mamta Banerjee tweeted, ‘I am canceling all my rallies due to rapid increase in Corona cases and Election Commission order. I will soon share the schedule of my virtual meetings. ‘

Shortly after his tweet, Bengal BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said that PM Narendra Modi will address the voters virtually only. Dilip Ghosh said, ‘PM Narendra Modi was going to hold 4 rallies covering 56 assemblies, but he has canceled his visit on 23 April. Now he will address the voters of Malda, Murshidabad, Sewali, and Kolkata ​at 5 pm in a virtual medium. Please tell that there was a sixth-round of voting in West Bengal on Thursday. Now only two steps are left. Meanwhile, on Thursday, 11948 cases of corona have been found in the state, while 56 people have died।

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